5 Ways To Know If Tantra Is Right For You!

1) You are on a path of personal growth and you seem to have hit a “glass ceiling”, meaning- you are doing your practice regularly, but you’re not seeing much result, and/or, you still feel something is missing.
2) You yearn for MORE! Not sure what more looks like yet, but there is a subtle but persistent ache inside, or anxiety which can’t be quelled. You are constantly searching for something, but nothing seems to fill the void.
3) You crave tangible tools to understand the core of your being. All this talk about love on the inside is great, but you want to know HOW. You want a clear, direct, tangible formula for having inner peace, self-connection, self-confidence, self-love, and PLEASURE!
4) You want to bust open and live life out loud! You feel you are on the verge of something, and you want a push to the next level. You are looking for the missing piece of the puzzle, the thing that will bust you wide open so that you can live life with full confidence, fearlessness, and self empowerment.
5) You want to heal. You know you have emotional/physical pain in your body relating to sexual experiences throughout your life. Maybe you were sexually abused. Maybe you feel pain during sex. Maybe you feel crushing guilt and shame around masturbation. Whatever it is- pain; be it emotional or physical, is a symptom of trauma. Trauma keeps us locked into a limiting pattern. Healing truama frees us to experience life as it is NOW, without continuously reacting to an experience in our past.
The key to “fulfillment” in life is essentially an inside job, so no matter what we are seeking- healing, transformation, spiritual growth- it all starts on the inside, and blossoms outward.

The key is finding the right tools to take you directly to the source.

Do you have a Tantric practice? If so, what are some of the results you have seen? Please share...

Women who passed on HIV through sex hunted by police


SAUDI ARABIA Saudi: Women who passed on HIV through sex hunted by police

Two young men contracted virus through illicit sex with Syrian beggars
By Habib ToumiBureau Chief
January 23, 2014
Manama: Police in the southwestern Saudi Arabian province of Asir have launched an investigation to identify foreign women who transmitted HIV to two local young men through sexual relations.
The cases of the men, aged 18 and 25, were discovered when health officials confirmed that they had contracted the virus and were HIV-positive. The pair admitted that they had unprotected sex with Syrian women beggars for money near a public park in the city of Abha, the capital of the province, local news site Sabq reported on Thursday.
The cases sparked an all out alarm to identify and arrest women who had illicit sexual relations in the area, with a focus on women beggars. Several warnings had been issued by the local authorities about the dangers from the spread of the disease and the serious threats it could pose to the population, Sabq said.
In their comments, bloggers called for raising the awareness of young men about the dangers of illicit sexual relations and warning them against engaging in them.

“Young men should be really cautious,” Abu Basel, a blogger, wrote. “Simple fleeting minutes could change their lives forever and cause them and their families great suffering and pains. They should uphold religious values and abstain from engaging in doomed activities.”
Al Gannas, also a blogger, said that he had often seen women beggars in the city’s restaurants area and that raids to crack down on those involved in the shady business should be conducted there.
However, another blogger said that the priority for the authorities should be to take action against the men, not the women.

“Young men must be held accountable and not the Syrian beggars who are living in difficult circumstances,” Bader, a blogger, posted.
“God knows how much they are suffering and how some people are exploiting their vulnerability.”
Writing under the moniker of Citizen, a blogger said that the Aids report could have another layer.
“May God protect everyone from this threat,” Citizen posted.
“These women could have been sent by [Syrian President] Bashar {Al Assad] and his agents to spread Aids in the region. The efforts to identify and arrest the women beggars should not be exerted by simple employees, but rather by a string task force to be deployed by the Province of Asir. The matter is highly dangerous and its threats should not be underestimated in any way,” Citizen said.

Have you ever tried Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage or ‘body slide’ massage is a supremely sensual massage whereby your Tantric  Goddess will massage your whole body incorporating pressure and strokes from her own body in turn.
This massage allows you to experience sensuality like no other massage offers. My Nuru massages is without doubt one of the ultimate body to body massage experiences you will find in Dubai.

Watch the sample of Nuru Massage (it is not me in the video!)

It’s even an excellent therapeutic treatment for restoring skin tone and vitality as it provides deep moisturising.
To prepare for your massage you’re invited to take a quick steamy shower or dip in a hot bath (subject to available facilities). This helps your muscles to soften in preparation for your Nuru Massage.

“Nuru massage is a supremely sensual massage”
You’ll be surrounded by flickering candles and soft music in a warm and pleasant room. The massage oil is heated before being applied to your body.
Our bodies will flow effortlessly together as I will caress your muscles with very deliberate motions.

Guilt and shame are words I don’t speak of. Whilst you may find yourself completely enamored by the physical beauty of your masseuse, I invite you to return in order to experience the unique touch and style provided by me.


Similar to a woman’s g-spot, the important nerves for erection, orgasm and ejaculation converge at the male g-spot and in the prostate and perineum area.

This area also can provide intense and heightened pleasure, and is also the place where emotional and sexual issues are stored.

Prostate stimulation can be both pleasurable and healing for a man, and can help release emotional as well as physical stress. For many men, the stronger stimulation to the male g-spot, the stronger and more profound orgasms they experience.

Exploring the male g-spot is the key to unlock astounding levels of intense pleasure that is not just limited to your penis! It can also bring you closer to and create a more intimate bond with your partner.

Unfortunately, the whole conversation of prostate pleasure can be very edgy for many men. Guys – whatever your level of comfort around the concept of stimulating the male g-spot, if you’ve managed to read this far, I salute you!

The quality and amount of stimulation to whole area including the prostate, perineum, and anal sphincter really determines of the levels of sexual pleasure and intimacy you and your partner experience. And there are other ways to engage the male g-spot, for prostate pleasure, that do not involve penetration.

A male orgasm that is stronger, longer, continuous and more explosive – often called a prostate orgasm – prostate pleasure is all characteristic of stimulation to the male g-spot.

Rather than being an orgasm that is just located in your genitals or driven solely by your penis, a prostate orgasm becomes a whole-body phenomenon, and can offer you multiple orgasms as well as orgasms without ejaculation.

Contact me to schedule your session + prostate massage.

Gulf News - HIV on the rise in MENA

Gulf | Oman

HIV on the rise in Mena


WHO report says only 15% of the estimated people in need of treatment receiving it
  • Staff Report
  • Published: 11:38 October 30, 2013
  • Gulf News
Muscat: The Middle East and North Africa region is one of the two in the world where HIV infections are still on the rise, according to a joint report of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).
WHO and UNAIDS are now jointly campaigning for a new initiative to accelerate HIV testing and treatment coverage in the region where only 15 per cent of the estimated people in need of treatment are receiving it, making it the region with the lowest HIV treatment coverage in the world.
An advocacy document titled- “Accelerating HIV treatment in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean and UNAIDS Middle East and North Africa regions” was launched on Monday at the 60th session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean now under way in Muscat.

The combined UNAIDS MENA region and WHO EM region comprise Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, occupied Palestinian territory, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen. As South Sudan is not part of MENA and leaves the EMR as of January 2014, data and information from South Sudan have not been reflected in this report.
The document, released in Muscat, analyses the regional context and offers a tailored regional framework for a significant scale-up in treatment coverage. It is built on four pillars: creating demand for testing and treatment; investing in sustainable systems for HIV care; delivering results in an equitable manner; and committing to urgent action.
Treatment crisis
“The treatment crisis in the region is reversible,” said Dr Yamina Chakkar, Director UNAIDS-Regional Support Team for the Middle East and North Africa, in a statement released by the Office of the WHO Representative in Oman. “We are eager to join forces with our partners and with regional leaders to renew the commitment and bring HIV testing and treatment services to the people who need them.”
In 2012, the report states, 347,000 people in the region were living with HIV, a 127 per cent increase over the number living with HIV in 2001. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) however, has transformed the global HIV response, mitigating the human costs of HIV and playing a vital role in slowing the further spread of the virus.
Across the region, HIV testing and treatment services are available, but several factors limit access for people in need: lack of awareness; fear of stigma and discrimination in families, workplaces, communities and in health care facilities which prevent people from taking an HIV test; and seeking care. As a result, an estimated 80 per cent of people living with HIV in the region are still not aware that they are carriers.
Some countries, however, have achieved considerably higher HIV testing and treatment coverage than the regional average, according to the report. Countries that have decentralised and integrated HIV service delivery into the health system and engaged civil society and private providers have succeeded in achieving much better coverage than those that have not.
This initiative calls upon leaders to commit to urgent action to increase access to HIV treatment in the region. “Treatment is fundamental to achieving an Aids-free generation, in addition to reducing morbidity and mortality, HIV treatment also reduces transmission. We cannot let this opportunity remain untapped. We must do more to garner both the individual and the public health benefits of treatment,” emphasised Dr Ala Alwan, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Why Second Sessions Are Important

During the first Tantra session I have helped you to be fully present—to engage the intelligent part of your mind and to calm down the critical part that prefers to repeat the same things because they are ‘known’. This part of your mind is not the intelligent part that can calculate how to make bridges and airplanes, or the part of your mind that makes common sense choices and good investments.  It is the fearful part of your mind that does not want to trust there is another way to achieve the greatest fulfillment.  So it makes you wrong for not knowing, but all it does is criticize you and scares you.
Most of the problem in relationship in general and particularly in sex is that the  “habit-bound” part of your mind that likes to take charge and resists the new approach because ‘it might not work’. Releasing any resistance, even if unconscious, has been a large part of the first session.
After that you were able to learn new techniques that will transform how you make love and how you relate to your partner.  The challenge is always how to remember to use the new knowledge.
Studies show that a large part of newly acquired information can be lost to us within 18 to 24 hours unless we do something to prevent this loss. This is why it is important to practice what you have learned  within the this time frame.  You do not need a partner to practice most of the techniques you learn in the first session.
In order to maximize the learning experience, I always recommend to a new client that they practice what I teach them as soon as they go home, and even write down some notes.  Most importantly, I recommend students schedule a second session within a week or as soon as possible after the first to make sure the knowledge is still fully present.   Then, of course, you can refine what you’ve learned and deepen it so that your practice can be more precise and get you permanent results.
Then with  the extra time we can add new, more advanced steps on top of the basic ones.  The basic knowledge of Tantra is most important.  A good building has good foundations.  Once the foundations are clear and steady we can spend more time on details that will make you a tantric master.
To be an outstanding lover most people require 3-5 sessions.

Power Up Your Lovemaking from the Inside

When we think about what makes an intimate encounter really hot and passionate, we usually think of things like communication, connection, playfulness, trust. We think about how these two people are coming together in a way that creates a spark and then a flame, and maybe even an inferno of desire!
But one of the most powerful influences on your sex life starts operating long before you head into bed with your partner – and it has the power to send you to the moon, or to douse you with cold water. And that quality is self-esteem.
Self-esteem influences the way you make love, how much financial abundance you attract, and yes, how you connect with others as well. It is as if the more you value yourself, the more you feel entitled to get your needs met sexually, emotionally and in all other ways. You are able to kindly enroll your lover to help you get your needs met and your desires fulfilled, and you enjoy fulfilling theirs with the same enthusiasm. Your high self-esteem turns your lover on.
I work with many clients who struggle with low self-esteem, and many times it takes just a simple shift of your perspective to see yourself in a new light, to jump start you with new passion for life, and with your partner.

Of course, we discovered that there was more to it. In my work I often observe that one attracts a partner that will bring up stuff one is trying to keep hidden because it is scary to let it out.  We fear that our secrets are so terrible that they will scare off our lover. Thankfully, Henry discovered that it was not as scary as he thought.
Often a problem in a relationship comes from a decision you have made in the past about how you are going to be, in order to avoid something you did not like about one or both of your parents. This decision will influence the rest of your life if you do not bring it to the open so you can clearly look at it with the eyes and the experience of the more mature you. You look at the decision you made then, when you were much younger, perhaps even a small child, feel your feelings about it, and ask yourself whether it is a decision that you would make now, as an adult, with all your resources and experience.

Obviously not being able to feel and assert yourself damages your self esteem. If you can’t feel, you cannot be a good lover. You are too concerned with doing everything right so ‘she’ or ‘he’ will have an orgasm, but if you are thinking you cannot transmit your feelings to your lover. If you are thinking, all your lover will get is a robot-like person trying different techniques. Your lover does not feel your eros flowing through your veins to ignite theirs until you can merge in a blissful state.

All of us begin life with a child’s esteem and a child’s reactions, and in the course of life, we mature and develop an adult’s understanding of life, and a strong self-esteem. But even in a ‘normal’ life, so many of us run into obstacles, road-blocks, events, that can hang us up.  If we take time to focus inside and direct our attention and energy to untangling these knots – big or small – the new person we bring to the bedroom is stronger, more vital, and just plain sexier.
So, the next time you are thinking about how to heat up your sex life, I encourage you to start with an inner touch-up – by yourself or with the coaching of a tantric expert.  Then, surprise your lover with the new you, and you’ll really see the sparks fly!