How to Last Longer During S*x without Difficulty!

For a girl, multiple orgasms are a fun thing to experience.
But when you’re a guy, ejaculating too soon can spell doom to your s*x life.
As a guy, premature ejaculation can leave you feeling frustrated, dejected, and arm-twist you into losing all your confidence when it comes to matters of the bedroom.
It’s unfortunate that you have to deal with this, but fret not, because there are really fun ways to learn to last longer in bed.
All it takes is a bit of effort and a bit of time.

How to last longer during s*x
If you want to last longer during s*x and you’re not really suffering from a medical condition, then these tips will definitely help you last a lot longer. After all, you need to remember that the experience of s*x is more in the head than in between your legs.

If you feel confident about your s*xual capabilities, you’d definitely be able to perform better with your woman.
Don’t let premature ejaculation get in the way of a great s*x life. Instead, learn to get better at controlling your ejaculation and everything will feel just fine.
And here’s a startup tip for you, if you ever end up ejaculating within a few minutes, don’t hate yourself for it. Lie back and rest for a half an hour or so. You’ll be ready by then and raring to go, and you’ll definitely last a lot longer and satisfy her better too!

Everyday tips to have s*x for long
Here are a few everyday tips that can help you enjoy better and longer s*x over time. Just like a long term diet and workout plan, these everyday tips won’t help you tonight, but they’ll definitely make you a s*x god potential over time.

#1 Masturbate regularly. If you haven’t ejaculated for a long time, it’ll be harder to hold on while having s*x. Spend some alone time with yourself at least a few times a week so you never let the horniness get out of hand!
#2 Controlled ejaculation. Now every guy masturbates now and then. But how often do you do it? If you have some time by yourself, get busy with the little guy, but don’t rush it. Spend at least an hour watching p*rn or thinking naughty while masturbating.
But each time you’re on the verge of ejaculating, hold yourself back and think about something else. The more you practice holding back during masturbation, the better you’d get at controlling your ejaculation.

My tantric sessions guide you how to do it.
#3 Speak to your doctor. If you’re having a really difficult time making s*x last, perhaps you need to speak with your doctor for an immediate temporary cure. Your doctor can prescribe a few pills for you, which can help you last longer while you work on the other techniques at the same time.
#4 Workout and kegels. Workout everyday and you’ll feel a lot better in no time. Working out improves your blood flow and makes you feel fitter. And even if you lose an erection because you shot the gun too soon, you’ll be ready again in no time.
Another alternative are kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are a set of exercises that focus on the pelvic muscles. When you contract and relax your muscles around your pelvis, the pubococcygeus muscle of your pelvis get stronger over time. And that helps you get rock hard erections, and gives you better control of your ejaculations. That is what I offer to you to learn on my tantric massage session.

#5 Communication. Don’t let your early explosions frustrate you. After all, you’re not intentionally trying to finish yourself off early. Speak to your lover and help each other understand what’s going on in both of your minds.

S*xual tips to last longer during s*x
You’ve read about how to hold on your hard on for longer using the everyday tips. But now we go straight into the act. So what can you do while having s*x to avoid an early ejaculation? Find out here.

#1 Overexcitement. Avoid aggressive or wild angry s*x. When you lose control of your erection, that’s when you’d lose the erection completely. Try to indulge in calm, slow and romantic s*x. By avoiding fast and aggressive s*x, you’d be able to last longer because you won’t experience a sudden burst of s*xual energy in an instant.
#2 Take control of s*x. When two people have s*x, the one on top is usually in control of the movements. So try to spend more time on top. When you’re on top, you can slow down or stop moving completely when you feel like you’re on the verge of ejaculating. By holding back when you feel like ejaculating, you can last a lot longer because you’re in control of the s*x.
#3 Shift your weight. When you’re on top of your girl and feel like you’re going to blow out, place your forearms on either side of her and shift your body weight onto your arms. Stop moving in and out and just wait for your little guy to feel relaxed again. You’ll be able to push ahead within a few seconds.
#4 Be in sync with your partner. This is where your lover can help you. If she ever feels you throbbing when you’re inside of her, tell her to avoid moving too aggressively *or even stop moving completely* so you can regain your control. At times, as hard as you try, you do need some help from your woman to make s*x last longer.
#5 Control the surrounding. Have s*x in a comfortable place where you won’t feel overexcited. Completely avoid anything that’s too exciting like public s*x or anything else that turns you on a lot. If you feel most relaxed in your bed, stick to the bedroom until you get better control of your orgasms. Let me show you how to control it over your tantric massage with me.
#6 Don’t change your pace too often. Changing the pace of the to and fro motion when you’re inside her feels good for both of you. But when you do that, you’d also end up ejaculating faster because the change in pace makes you more horny.
#7 In and out. Some couples love taking the little guy out of the lady garage often and putting him back in while having s*x. They do this in p*rn movies all the time too.
For many guys, taking the tool out often and reinserting it while having s*x helps them stay hard for a lot longer. But at the same time, it’ll make some guys orgasm a lot faster. Find out what works for you and use it to your benefit.

#8 Shallow moves. Once you’ve penetrated your girl, don’t go ramming her like you’re a p*rn star on heat. Go shallow and easy. Move just a few inches in and out of her unless you’re feeling very confident, because longer and deeper moves of the shaft will excite your little guy a lot faster.
#9 Wear a condom. It numbs most guys down there. Don’t opt for the ultrathin condoms. Instead, opt for ones that’ll help prevent you from ejaculating faster by numbing you down there.
#10 Don’t obsess about your orgasm. One of the biggest reasons why so many guys suffer from this on a regular basis is because they spend so much time obsessing over this little problem of theirs.
These things happen to everyone all the time. And you’ll definitely get over it sometime soon. So until then, ignore the thought of premature ejaculation before or during s*x by keeping your mind occupied elsewhere.

#11 Control your breathing. Breathing plays a big part in controlling your ejaculation. If you’re on the verge of ejaculation and want to hold it back, focus on your breathing and try to release your breath slowly through your mouth in a controlled manner when you’re inside her.
This is hard to explain in a sentence without going into details, but trust me, just breathe out through your mouth slowly and you’ll see how it works. I will teach you during the tantra session on how to breathe in and out in a right way to achieve it.

Ways to prepare yourself for longer s*x before penetration
Here are four things you can do to prepare yourself for longer s*x, when you’re in the act but haven’t penetrated her yet.

#1 Be vocal. Your woman may assume you won’t be able to last long and may try to finish up really fast. But if you feel like having s*x for longer, let your partner know about it. Both of you should take it slow and easy, and communicate at the same time about when to stop moving or when to slow down further. By doing this, it’ll help you last longer and bring both of you closer.
#2 Longer foreplay. Always spend more time on foreplay. By getting straight into the act immediately, the excitement and s*xual tension may build up too fast which could end up overexciting you and leading to faster ejaculations. My tantric sessions allow you to learn the skills.
#3 Try new s*x positions. Some s*x positions will stimulate you faster and make you orgasm really fast, while some positions can help you last a lot longer. The missionary position is a safe one, but a few unconventional positions may just help you better. But you’ll never know what works until you try. #4 Masturbate before s*x. Have a very quick quickie with yourself an hour or so before s*x. Be so quick about it that you hardly even notice a significant ejaculation. Sex isn’t a planned activity, so ejaculating an hour earlier may not be an easy thing to do all the time.
But if you and your girl have decided to make love later that night, slip into the bathroom in the morning or afternoon and finish yourself off. You’ll be sensitive and ready after a few hours, and you’ll be able to hold on a lot better too.

Yes, it’s true that premature ejaculation is frustrating and demeaning. But use these 20 tips on how to last longer during s*x and you may just be able to turn your life around and have a great s*x life with just a little effort! 
And don't forget to schedule your tantra massage session with me in Dubai :)

Using massage to enhance desire

Our sexual health is one of the most important elements of our whole being and natural existence and yet, one that is often shunned, ignored or found to be down right "dirty". A mentor of mine once said, "You should look at EVERY person as a sexual being!".

Tantra uses the energies of the body and sometimes the sexual energies, to transcend worldly attachments. Pleasure teaches us how to connect. It assists us in learning to feel more love, greater touch, and emotional healing. Sacred sexuality goes beyond this to teach us about the deeper inner realms of our psyche and provides us with true understanding and compassion. Through passionate, sensual awareness you can increase the quality of your sexual life.

Our most sexual organ is the brain! Our minds can create the most perfect fantasies or sexual relationships. It is the power of our minds that can enhance the desired sexual experiences and is what realizes our Sexual Health.
Sexual health refers to the many factors that impact sexual function and reproduction. These factors include a variety of physical, mental and emotional issues. Disorders that affect any of these factors can impact a person's physical and emotional health, as well as his or her relationships and self-image.
Aspect of our sexual health may includewhether anyone will find us sexually desirable, whether we will ever enjoy sex again, whether we can still have children or whether our sexual partners will stay with us,
Our "sexual-esteem" or positive reverence for and confidence in our capability to experience our sexuality in a satisfying and enjoyable way are all a part of our sexual health and are a very important part of our well being.

Premature Ejaculation - Pleasing your woman

Many men feel a deep sense of shame that they ejaculate prematurely. This is when they begin to focus on just pleasing the woman believing that gives them more pleasures. In reality the woman knows deep within her (in her subconscious) after a while she begins to lose interest in sex because she (without realising the real reason) feels she wants to be with a man who truly enjoys himself for himself. When he is able to enjoy himself unselfishly she too can access her cellular pleasures.

Progressing to Immersion of Ecstasy

This is when he discovers ways of pleasing his partner on a deeper totally embracing level.
We'll address the root cause of the problem whether it is a severe case or mild seemingly manageable issue.
It's important you understand that this is not about more control.
You'll uncover new feelings you are able to experience that shall change your emotional state completely.

Every Man Wants to be Known as a Fabulous Lover, yet often this comes at the expense of his satisfaction

Your lover senses that you are not fulfilled through the signals your body sends out. This is confusing for her as well as it is for you since most couples are unaware of the connection to energy beyond the physical.
Many singles remain single due to their inability to connect to another person fully. Their desire to be at one with another is strong but something deep within them perpetuates feelings of separation.

Couples go without sex for weeks, months even years

Many couples go without sex for weeks, months and some for many years for the same reason, they desire intimacy but do not know what that different intimacy feels like.
With this therapy I can support you in ways that you'll experience connection to yourself immediately. When you feel connect to yourself you become desirable and knowledgeable of your partners needs because your needs are satisfied.
Men tend to short circuit pleasures through misunderstanding of their own body - through resistance and holding back that continues the spiral into self judgement and most of all lack of personal feelings of inner pleasures.

Body2Body Tantric Massage

Body to Body massage takes the tantra massage experience even deeper as your therapist uses the softness of her naked oily curves to expertly excite your senses. She will glide over every inch of your body in a slow and rhythmic manner whilst her hands tantalisingly tease and toy with you only allowing you to fully release once you have neared the peak of climax several times over.

The intimacy and intensity of Body to Body during your tantra massage is unsurpassed and can only be fully appreciated through the experience itself.


Expanding Male Sexual Awareness, Part II

There are numerous fears or psychological road blocks that can restrict a man’s sexual thoughts, feelings and interactions. He may not even be aware of them or he may be overwhelmed by the notion that he cannot ‘make the grade’ for any partner with whom he might engage in an intimate encounter. The good news is that such limitations can be overcome. An experienced Tantra Massage Therapist knowledgeable about the male psyche and anatomy can assist a man in dissolving obstacles that impair his sexuality. Using particular tantric massage techniques and practices that heighten his self-esteem and open doors to new sensual frontiers, a Tantric goddess will introduce him to a new kind of ecstasy he never thought possible. This article is the second in a series that explores male sexual well-being with the first one exploring male sexual conciousness.

The essential nature of Tantra is one of a spiritual practice

Neotantra is a modern variation of Tantra and incorporates methods of sexual practice that revolve around subtle energies of one’s sensual embodiment. Through the Tantric and Neotrantric practices, many issues that hinder or block a man’s ability to fully experience sexuality are naturally dissolved. A Neotantric goddess possesses secret, sacred methods known only to her, passed down from practitioners through oral tradition. Because Tantric love is not about reaching any specific goal, a man is freed of the pressure to ‘achieve’ or perform. In a sense, ego is released and replaced by a deep, intimate and organic connection between him and his goddess.

Tantric love is without pressure

When a man is worried about his performance, the ebb and flow of intimate thoughts and desires become blocked. Such condition is known as performance anxiety. Eventually, his avoidance of sexual encounters triggers a cycle of lower self-esteem, relationship turbulence and even sexual dysfunction. He gets so caught up in the anxiety itself that he loses focus of the intimate interaction which in turn causes the very failure that is feared. When he does make love, his self-consciousness about every detail creates a sense of awkwardness leaving himself and/or his partner unsatisfied and frustrated. Feelings of inadequacy can result in avoidance of his partner all together breeding resentment and disconnect.

Improving erectile quality

The possible causes of erectile dysfunction (that are not directly related to the penis itself) can be attributed to a variety of physiological or psychological reasons:
  • Physical health – poor diet, lack of exercise, bad sleep habits, low testosterone (see andropause below), hypertension
  • Psychological – stress, anxiety, financial worries, lack of interest in a partner
The Tantric experience is about enjoying pleasurable feelings during which a man’s erection may naturally come and go which is expected and perfectly acceptable. When a man is liberated in his mind of the expectation that he must maintain an erection his erection tends to last longer.

A Tantric goddess is highly skilled in touching a man

Because male and female bodies are so physiologically different, it is important that each must understand the other. Many women attempt to please their men with uncertainty based upon assumptions of their needs. As a result, many men are uncomfortable communicating their desires and feel embarrassed showing or describing to their partners ‘how to do it’. A Tantrica is versed in the knowledge of a man’s anatomy, his genitalia and surrounding erogenous zones. She will teach him how to relax and receive through Lingam or anal massage. When working with couples, she may teach both how to satisfy each other.

Addressing Male Menopause

A wavering libido can be due to something called andropause which is the male version of women’s menopause. Some doctors refer to it as androgen deficiency of the aging male. There is a good chance that men in their 50s and 60s have heard of andropause. After the age of 30, a man’s testosterone decreases at about 1% per year. This shift can cause gradual decreases in physical, emotional and psychological health. Unlike female menopause, andropause can take decades to set in. Low testosterone can be reflected by decreased energy, fatigue, depression and insomnia. A Tantrica’s focus is to enhance pleasure by increasing the flow of sexual energy and cultivating ecstatic consciousness. Orgasm tends to follow naturally and on multiple levels restoring a man’s sense of well-being.

Passion, tenderness and sensitivity all play into the Tantric experience

Using a variety of meditation and massage techniques, a Tantrica will awaken a man’s instinctive libido and transport him to a higher spiritual plane. Full body orgasms are not uncommon. Working with all of the chakras, her techniques will cultivate a more fulfilling sexual and loving relationship of the self.

Tantric love is readily available

The Western world has embraced the Tantric practice as one dimension of a spiritual path devoted and dedicated to awareness, the supreme flow of the sacred life force itself. The fundamental bases of Tantra and Neotantra provide an environment in which a man’s sexual energy is heightened to levels that he may have never experienced. This sacred unity of love is openly and lovingly offered by committed Tantric goddesses right here - Anne-Love :) Contact me for more details.

Male Sexual Consciousness, Part I

A man who learns to increase pleasure for himself and his lover is free to make love without feeling the pressure to ejaculate. Through the guided assistance of a Tantrica, a man can reach a refined level of lovemaking by expanding his sensitivity and awareness. When this expanded state of consciousness is reached, multiple and full-body orgasms can be achieved without actually ejaculating. The benefits of full-body orgasms are many. This article is the first in a series that explores male sexuality.

Sanctifying the sacred spot

In the Tantric philosophy, the sacred spot is referred to as a man’s emotional sex center. It is the male G-spot known as the prostate gland. It is one thing for a man to pleasure himself and his partner or simply bring personal relief. It is quite another to learn about and achieve the highest ecstasy possible. In the company and guidance of a Tantrica, channeling this sexual energy up through the spine to the highest center of the brain is known as Kundalini.

Maintain well being with a healthy prostate

From a health standpoint, psychological tension is released when ejaculation occurs, thereby reducing feelings of nervousness associated with stress. As a result, potential cancer cells can be reduced. Rapid turnover of fluids is in effect, “cleaning house” of the prostate. Scientists have determined that there is a direct link between ejaculation and a lowered risk of prostate cancer. Ejaculation as a result of frequent sexual activity may flush out cancer-causing substances from the prostate glands. A relaxed man is one who is healthy and happy!

The hidden male sex center

More than one third of the male person is hidden inside the body. It is the base of this hidden organ that when stimulated in concert with the rest of the male erotic anatomy can be overwhelmingly pleasurable. The psychological high that results from prostate massage is quite powerful, resulting in a mental euphoria greater than any other form of sensual stimulation. While this relationship between the male as the receiver and his Tantric goddess as the giver may be considered somewhat submissive on his part, it is actually quite empowering and liberating for the man. Such a give and take interaction is profoundly sacred and to be cherished by both. More and more men are partaking in this enlightening physiological experience through the guidance of professional, highly skilled Tantricas.

Controlling premature ejaculation

Ejaculation reflux is similar to sneezing in that it can only be partially controlled. A low frequency of sexual activity may be associated with premature ejaculation. Learning to slow down and modulate a man’s arousal can ultimately prolong the pleasure of love making. Early ejaculation can trigger anxiety, activating the central nervous system. It is safe to say that anxiety brought on by attempting to delay ejaculation can actually perpetuate the problem. The stop-start or pause procedures focus on control of a man’s arousal in a sequence of consistent actions. In the company of a Tantric goddess, he will reach a higher threshold of ejaculation than he ever thought possible.

Relief is always available and with you now

As a man, moving closer to intimacy and getting to know yourself on a deeper level is at your fingertips. There is no need to travel to far, exotic places or even to change yourself as a person. It all lies within and can be brought forth by you and your Tantric goddess! When in the company of a professional and skilled Tantrica, unlimited sensuality will leave you vibrating with emotion and ecstasy.

Reviews of my tantric massage sessions in Dubai

"Thank you so much for the massage today, you are truly gifted. Your touch is phenomenal. I feel more alive, grounded, and confident. I look forward to integrating what I learned from this into my own relationships and healing work. Thank you again. " Frank, 37, Germany.

"The tantric massage was excellent – and will be booking again as soon as I get a chance. Can’t stop smiling when I think about it. Thanks again Anna." Patrick, France. 

"Anne is one of the most gorgeous voluptuous masseuses I have ever met—stunningly beautiful and attractive chubby figure, soft creamy skin and an amazingly warm personality.
She’s such a friendly and well mannered girl that I would love to surrender myself to her touch again and again. She exceeded all my expectations. I’ve already had two tantra sessions with her and I can’t wait to book my next massage." JC, USA

“Simply the most utterly wonderful tantra massage that I have EVER had. Her sensual and loving touch put me totally at ease and she brought me to heights of ecstasy that I will never forget.
I will be calling upon her fabulous tantric services as soon as I am able to visit Dubai again, for sure, and I feel more than privileged to have enjoyed such an uplifting and incredibly pleasurable experience. Thank you, Anne."

Anonymous, England

"Why I adore this girl so much? Because she has the most sexy voluptous body a man can dream of and the most sensual touch! I love you and your tantra massage baby." Daniel, Canada.

"I have travelled all over the world and tried tantra in many places but yours is so different and high quality! I loved the way you started it. Excellent tantra massage in Dubai! Thanks Anna." Mo, KSA

"I really enjoyed your tantra massage Anne. I like you are so clean and hygienic. For me it was the best tantra massage experience so far. I want be back again soon. Take care. Ala, Egypt.

"I got tantra massage with Anne recently. I don't believe all that nonsense about connecting with the universe but, frankly, it was the best wank I have ever had. It was much better than sex. No joke. My hips were rising like a girl and my whole body was spasaming as I came. The orgasm seemed to last for a long time and I've never had anything like it before. Quite incredible with her." Alex, 41yo, Sweden.