About me and pictures

"It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex, people do it all the time, but opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes and dreams... that’s being naked." Rob Bell

Do You Desire...?

-High Quality Holistic Bodywork by a Knowledgeable Practitioner?
-Luxurious Pampering that Dissolves Stress and Leaves You feeling Energized, Refreshed and Peaceful
-Simple, Straightforward Techniques to Expand and Extend Pleasure

-A Sensual Meditation
-A Safe Clean Place to Explore all the Rich Aspects of Your Erotic Self…?

Then welcome to my Tantra Dubai Temple and Feel Complete.

It is my greatest pleasure to offer you a session that will relieve stress, revive you, and take you to a place you haven't been before. Feel Complete by Tantra Massage.
Tantra Massage will make your heart, body and soul feel nourished and satisfied.
Embrace being touched and feel loving energy without any other agenda.
Celebrate the man you are with no worries of performance.
Experience no anxiety, no guilt, no shame - pure massage spirituality by two soft and gentle hands.
Be liberated. Let go of the need to perform.
Balance the body, mind and soul. 

I am a voluptuous, beautiful 28 years old female from Holland, with blue eyes and a goddess belly. Honestly, men do not come to see me for my looks and body. If this is what you want, please go see a 20-year old escort! I also do not post or share nude photos for discretionary purposes. I want our connection more mental and energetic and with less emphasis on the physical aspects of a woman. This will also help you with transfiguration abilities of turning any woman into a goddess or Shakti. If you require nude photos in order to see me, this may not be the session for you.

Sessions include:
· Guided sensual meditation
· Perineum Breathing
· Tantric Internal Sensual Energy Cultivation Practices
· Body to Body Rub Down
· 'Sacred Spot' Massage

· Entire Body Erogenous Zones Play
· Spine-Tingling Sensual Stimulation with Tantric accessories
· Warm Oil
· Deep Relaxation
· Riding your edge, keeping you on your edge to crest the wave and LAUNCH!

Yes, my work is sensual and relaxing but it is also embodiment of my studies in Tantra. Thus my work is meditative, relaxing, energy-building and focused on internal cultivation of ones internal sensual life force energy. Not only do I desire to bring you to your edge several times, many times, before you launch - I also desire to bring your attention more deeply into your body, to really FEEL.

After our time together you will:
·   Feel like yourself again
·   Have your mojo back
·   Be able to easily access more parts of yourself
·   Think more clearly
·   Rock your life
·   Feel like it's more fun to be you

Tantra is a divine practice. You must treat yourself as a divine person. You can learn specifics of what Tantra and the sensual arts are online on many articles but you can only learn them beyond a certain realm by sharing it directly with someone.
If you think you are ready to indulge in this extraordinary, exclusive and expensive journey I am awaiting your email.
I hope that upon reading through this blog you will feel inspired to want to move to the next step and actually to try Tantra with me! It is a beautiful art form and I am happy to be called your goddess...

I look forward to meeting you and bringing more pleasure to your life and introducing you to my Tantra:) 

Live -- Love --Laugh